SMART notebook App

SMART have announced they are releasing a notebook App for the iPad soon.  Ever since the iPad was first introduced teachers on a variety of discussion forums have been asking for this obvious natural step.  A number of discussion threads online have questioned how interactive white boards fit into modern teaching styles.  I feel they are very important in engaging pupils, particularly combined with mobile devices in the classroom. The statement on the website reads…
“Introducing the SMART Notebook app for iPad
The SMART Notebook app for iPad enables students to open their own version of a SMART Notebook lesson on their iPad and take it with them, wherever they go. Now students can work with the same SMART Notebook file – individually on their iPad and then collaboratively in class on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.”
check it out at

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A rival to the iPad?-No, not really

Cisco’s Cius could have been a potential winner in the tablet stakes.  As everyone looks to challenge the iPad, originally for me it was who will make quality video conferencing work on a tablet.  Ciscos acquisition of Tandberg seemed a wise move when you take their video conferencing know how and merge this with a tablet.  Obviously the push is business and in particular medicine but I would like to see how it might fit in into education.

Unfortunately it offers very little that an iPad doesn’t already do very, very well.  Add facetime or Vidyo into the mix and the iPad wins hands down.  Haven’t seen the Cius yet? check out:

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Regional Training Centre event

Wiltshire’s plan for more Regional Training Centres (RTC) was further developed by the Apple meeting outlining new developments and good practice for these RTCs.
Day One- Many interesting presenters talked about what they were doing in their RTC but perhaps for me the most interesting was Janet Wozniak. Clearly someone with a passion for teaching and technology, it really helped me galvanise my own ideas and challenge me to look at my own practice again.

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